December 23, 2019

Trust but Validate with Eightfold Skills Validation

Trust but Validate with Eightfold Skills Validation

Eightfold’s AI helps recruiters identify candidates’ skills with confidence — and helps both candidates and employees grow into the next stage of their careers with you.

Recruiters love Eightfold’s ability to uncover candidates’ skills – even when individuals don’t list those skills on their resumes. This information shows up almost immediately in candidate profiles. Moreover, the AI’s ability to find skills benefits the hiring process in many other, more subtle ways.

Eightfold’s AI finds these skills through multiple methods. First, it interprets language within a resume or application that indicates a skill, whether listed explicitly or not. Second, it scours publicly available online information to find additional skills. For example, someone might have skills listed on a social media profile that might not be on their resume.

The AI understands that candidates with similar backgrounds likely have similar skills to hold those positions. For example, the AI can infer the skills of an individual who lists only their job titles and prior companies, based on the explicit skills of individuals who have the same career experience and provide substantial detail of their work. The AI can also understand the skills required for a job based on the tens of millions of job descriptions that it has interpreted from across the globe in every industry.

Many advanced skills require other, more basic skills. Candidates who list those higher-level capabilities are almost certain to have mastered lower-level skills.

The AI builds these inferences from a massive number of candidate profiles and job descriptions. These billions of records mean that Eightfold’s skills identification is highly accurate and reliable. More importantly, the AI processes this information fast so it is usable. No matter the position, Eightfold makes these connections, so your recruiters quickly find the best talent.

Eightfold provides additional skills analysis in four ways.

  • Validated Skills: These are skills that the individual has claimed to have, and Eightfold’s AI can confirm the individual has these skills with a high degree of likelihood.
  • Likely Skills: These are skills that the individual is highly likely to have, but that the individual has not specifically claimed. Frequently, Likely Skills are shown for a role in which the individual has listed a job title and company, but no further information.
  • Skills to Validate: These are skills that are listed in a job calibration as necessary for a position and are claimed by the individual, but Eightfold’s AI cannot confirm that the individual has these skills based on the skills of individuals with similar profiles.
  • Missing Skills: These are skills that are listed in a job calibration as necessary for a position, but the individual does not claim these skills and Eightfold’s AI cannot confirm that the individual has these skills based on the skills of individuals with similar profiles. An interviewer may wish to ask the individual about these skills.

These rankings give recruiters and hiring managers a powerful, flexible way to refine candidate searches. Applicants with higher numbers of verified skills might merit preference. Or someone with a nontraditional background might be identified for an interview based on their skills.

The benefits of all of this include: 

  1. Not wasting time on candidates who have a very low likelihood of having the skills you desire
  2. Possibly avoiding multiple (and potentially costly) screening tests to determine a candidate’s skills.

This is not something that could be done without the Eightfold AI. These kinds of inferences would be close to impossible and impractically time-consuming if a recruiter looked at several hundred candidates for each job and tried to figure out the skills each candidate did or didn’t have.

These same benefits also help candidates and employees advance their careers. When job seekers come to a company using Eightfold, they quickly see the skills required for each position. Someone who doesn’t have that capability now understands what’s needed to reach that next level, or realizes that they need to list other skills that they’ve earned to get that job.

Perhaps even more importantly, your current employees gain the ability to gauge existing skills against what they need to advance in your organization. This information helps them set up the education, training, and mentorship that keeps valued talent in-house. They build long-term careers with your company, and you gain the benefits that come from a stable, committed workforce.

Skills determine success. Eightfold’s AI both finds those skills and gives your organization the guidance you need to hire and promote with confidence.